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Canberra, ACT

Ah, Canberra! A city where politics and sausages sizzle in equal measure. Here's the top 5 spots to have a BBQ in the park!

Canberra's Top 5 BBQ Park Havens

Ah, Canberra! A city where politics and sausages sizzle in equal measure. But today, we're not here to discuss the former. Instead, let's embark on a culinary expedition to explore the top 5 BBQ spots in Canberra, as voted by you, the esteemed meat enthusiasts of Meat in a Park.

5. Black Mountain Peninsula: A Feast for the Senses (and the Stomach)

Our journey begins at Black Mountain Peninsula, a place of such natural beauty that even the kangaroos pause to admire the view. Here, amidst the eucalyptus-scented air, you'll find BBQ facilities that are the envy of every sausage sizzler in the Southern Hemisphere. The playground is so inclusive, even kids in wheelchairs can join in the fun, proving that joy, like a good BBQ, knows no bounds.

4. Acton Park: Where History Meets the Grill

Next, we meander to Acton Park, nestled on the northern foreshore of Lake Burley Griffin. It's a spot so serene, you can almost hear the ghost of architect Greni R. flipping burgers on the grill. The small beach is a local secret for a quick dip – just the thing after a hearty meal. Remember, swimming after eating is perfectly safe, despite what your grandmother told you.

3. Yerrabi Pond District Park: A Carnival of Culinary Delights

Yerrabi Pond District Park is where families and extreme sports enthusiasts converge in a symphony of laughter and the clatter of skateboards. The BBQs here are so well-maintained, they could feature in a home and garden magazine. And if you're lucky, you might spot a pelican eyeing your sausage – a reminder that in Canberra, even the wildlife appreciates good cooking.

2. Henry Rolland Park: A Gourmet's Waterfront Dream

At Henry Rolland Park, the view of Lake Burley Griffin is so stunning, it could distract even the most focused BBQ master. The park's facilities are a marvel of modern engineering, with jet-top barbecues that have seen more steaks than a butcher's window. And if you fancy a stroll after your feast, the 400-meter walk to the restroom is as good an excuse as any.

1. Lennox Gardens: Where Peace and BBQ Coexist

Finally, we arrive at Lennox Gardens, a place so tranquil, you can hear the sizzle of the BBQ over the gentle rustling of leaves. The Chinese and Japanese Gardens provide a backdrop so picturesque, you'll want to frame your steak before eating it. It's a spot where peace and good food are not just neighbors, but best friends.

There you go, dear meat aficionados, Canberra is not just the heart of Australian politics; it's also the soul of Australian BBQ culture. Each of these spots offers more than just a place to cook; they provide a canvas for culinary artistry, a stage for family bonding, and a sanctuary for those seeking a break from the mundane.

So, grab your tongs and apron, and embark on this BBQ odyssey. And remember, in the wise words of an unknown BBQ sage, "Life is too short for bad BBQ."

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