Helpful Information

What is Meat in a Park?
Meat in a Park is a service for finding the closest public BBQ. You can then create a Facebook "BBQ in the Park" event, invite your friends and have a grand ol' time!

So how does it work?
It displays the three closest BBQ locations within a 20km radius. The closest one is active initially. You can view the others by clicking on their BBQ marker. Sometimes you need to zoom out the map to see the other results.

I can't find any nearby BBQ! What gives?
The database is extensive but not all areas have been added yet. More to come!

I went to the exact spot given and there was no BBQ there! Whats going on?
Unfortunately the location data utilised only provides the name of the park. The location marker will show you where the park is, but you might need to look around for the BBQ. If you still find nothing, send me an e-mail at andrew(at)

I can't logout! Help!?
Meat in a Park uses Facebook for authentication. If you are logged in to Facebook, you are also logged into Meat in a Park. If you wish to remove yourself, in Facebook go to Account Settings >Apps. Browse to "Meat in a Park" and click on the "X" to remove the application.

Why is my question not answered?
I don't know. Feel free to contact me at contact(at)