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Ardross, WA

We checked out the BBQ facilities in Wireless Hill, Ardross WA.

Public Barbecue Experience at Wireless Hill, Perth

Wireless Hill, a hidden gem in Perth, is an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts who relish a good barbecue. This park offers more than just a public barbecue spot; it's an amalgamation of history, stunning views, and family-friendly amenities.

The Convenience of Wireless Hill

Parking at Wireless Hill is a breeze. With a spacious designated car park and additional parking along the park loop, visitors can easily find a spot. Cyclists, too, can rest easy, as there are provisions to securely lock up their bicycles.

Nature Trails and Rich History

For those who fancy a brisk walk before tucking into their barbecued feast, Wireless Hill offers two distinct trails, perfect for both casual walkers and seasoned hikers. Dogs are welcome as well, provided they're kept on a leash.

One of the highlights of this park is its rich history. Established as an early radio station in 1912, the area played a significant role during the World Wars. Post-war, the ownership transferred to the OTC. Today, visitors can walk up one of the old anchor points to soak in panoramic views of Perth, offering a unique bird's eye perspective of the park.

A visit to the park isn't complete without paying respects at the war memorial. Although it closed in 1968, the spirit of the past has been preserved in the on-site museum.

Barbecue Facilities and Amenities

Wireless Hill impresses with an abundance of seating areas. The ones adjacent to the barbecue stations are even covered, ensuring your barbecue isn't affected by any sudden weather changes. A large toilet block is conveniently located within walking distance, adding to the comfort of your barbecue experience.

Three barbecue stations are available for public use, two of which are situated next to a playground. This thoughtful arrangement lets you cook up a storm and keep an eye on your children simultaneously.

The placement of bins near each barbecue station is commendable, making clean-up easy and promoting a litter-free environment. Each barbecue spot offers varying seating capacities, so if you're planning a big family get-together, it's advisable to plan ahead.

The working space at each barbecue station is standard. Operating the barbecues is straightforward: just press a button for a few seconds until the light turns green, and you're all set to cook to your heart's content.

The Final Verdict

When it comes to rating the barbecue experience at Wireless Hill, the park earns a respectable 6 out of 10. While it may not be perfect, the combination of history, nature, convenience, and solid barbecue facilities provides a unique experience that's worth trying.


Wireless Hill offers more than just a public barbecue. It's a place where you can cook, eat, explore, and create memories. Although the barbecue facilities might not be top-notch, the park's amenities and historical significance make it a location worth visiting.

Remember, the true essence of a barbecue at Wireless Hill isn't merely about cooking - it's about the camaraderie, the shared laughter, and the stories told around the hot plate. So, grab your barbecue tools, pack your favourite meats, and head over to Wireless Hill for your next barbecue adventure.

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