Favourite BBQ Spot in Coffs Harbour | BBQ Review

Coffs Harbour, NSW

Discover Park Beach, our favourite public BBQ spot in Coffs Harbour! Experience its superb amenities and scenic beauty, and see why it's our top choice. We also unveil alternative BBQ spots...

A Practical Guide to Coffs Harbour’s Public BBQ Spots

Coffs Harbour is celebrated for its picturesque coastline and vibrant community life, offering an array of outdoor activities that cater to a wide range of preferences. Public BBQ spots, in particular, serve as communal hubs for enjoying the great outdoors. This guide focuses on the practical aspects and user experiences of the area's standout BBQ locations.

Park Beach: The Premier Choice

Park Beach is the top recommendation for BBQ enthusiasts in Coffs Harbour, notable for its ample parking, beautiful beach backdrop, and opportunities for a cooling swim. The BBQ area is well-equipped with shaded cooking and seating areas and features a unique windshield for breezy days, making it an optimal choice for an outdoor cooking experience.

Jordan Esplanade: Near Jetty Beach

Jordan Esplanade offers a scenic setting for outdoor cooking near the calm and historically rich Jetty Beach. With basic amenities such as seating, tap water, and nearby parking, it's ideal for those seeking a quieter spot while enjoying the proximity to Jetty Beach's beautiful views, marine life sightings in the afternoon, and the old timber jetty's historical charm. This location's accessibility to restaurants and occasional special events adds to its appeal for family gatherings and social outings.

Diggers Beach: For Surf Enthusiasts

While Diggers Beach is known for its cleanliness, tranquility, and beautiful scenery, it's important to note that it may not be the best fit for families looking for a calm beach experience. The beach is better suited for those who prefer surfing, with its ample parking, beach showers, and boardwalk enhancing the visit. Though it offers soft sand, clear water, and interesting rock pools, the occasional rough seas make it a more appropriate choice for surf enthusiasts seeking a day out in the waves rather than a typical family-friendly outing.

Ocean Parade Playground: Considerations for Improvement

Ocean Parade Playground caters to families with playground facilities and BBQ amenities, yet it requires improved maintenance to enhance its appeal and usability. While it remains an option for outdoor activities, visitors might find Park Beach or the scenic Jordan Esplanade near Jetty Beach better suited to their needs for a more rounded experience.


In planning your next BBQ outing in Coffs Harbour, consider Park Beach as the premier destination for a family-friendly beach day or Jordan Esplanade for a quieter, scenic BBQ near Jetty Beach. For those with a passion for surfing, Diggers Beach offers a great day out with its surf-friendly conditions, despite being less suitable for families seeking calm beach experiences. Ocean Parade Playground, while offering amenities for families, may benefit from improvements. Choose the location that aligns with your outdoor cooking and dining preferences for a memorable Coffs Harbour experience.

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