Top 5 Picnic Spots In Sydney | BBQ Review

Sydney, NSW

Whether you're a local on the lookout for a new weekend haunt or a visitor with a penchant for picnics, we've grilled our data at Meat in a Park to serve you the top 5 BBQ/picnic spots around Sydney.

5. Pirrama Park: The Urban Oasis

Nestled on the fringe of Sydney's bustling CBD, Pirrama Park is a verdant escape where the grass is greener, and the grills are hotter. With the Sydney Harbour Bridge as your backdrop, you can flip burgers to your heart's content. This spot isn't just about the barbies, though. It's a full sensory experience with gym equipment to pump you up, playgrounds to tire out the kids, and walking paths to stroll and digest that feast you just devoured.

4. Shelly Beach: The Secluded Paradise

Take a trip north of the city, and you'll stumble upon the hidden gem of Shelly Beach. It's the perfect spot for those who like their meat with a side of adventure. Dive into pristine waters, or swim up an appetite before you hit the conveniently located grills. With a café nearby and a scenic walking track, Shelly Beach is where you can cook, eat, and repeat, all within the embrace of nature's beauty.

3. Bicentennial Park: The Green Galore

If you're someone who enjoys a side of history with your hot dogs, Bicentennial Park is your go-to. Right next to Sydney, this park is a tribute to the nation's bicentenary, and it doesn't skimp on space or scenery. With walking trails that weave through history and playgrounds that echo with laughter, the barbecues here aren't just cooking up sausages; they're grilling amidst stories.

2. Coogee Beach: The Coastal Cookout

East of Sydney lies Coogee Beach, where the barbecues boast ocean views so stunning, you might forget to flip your steaks. Dive into the water, lounge on the grass, or rinse off in the convenient showers. And if you fancy a sweet treat post-BBQ, the local restaurants and ice cream shops are a stone's throw away. It's a spot where the waves are as delightful as the wafting smell of grilled goodies.

1. Bondi Beach: The Iconic Indulgence

No list would be complete without the legendary Bondi Beach. It's not just a beach; it's a landmark, a lifestyle, a place where the grill marks on your steak match the tan lines on your back. With expansive grassy knolls, playgrounds, and a skate park, Bondi is the epitome of the Australian outdoor experience. Whether you're here for the surf, the turf, or the grill, Bondi serves up a feast for the senses.

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