Neil Hawkins Park | BBQ Review

Joondalup, WA

We ventured to Joondalup to check out Neil Hawkins Park.

Neil Hawkins Park: A Public Barbecue Review

Nestled in the heart of Joondalup, Neil Hawkins Park is a haven for barbecue enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Offering a variety of public barbecue units, this park promises an engaging experience for everyone.

Abundant Amenities and Accessibility

As one pulls up to the park, the ample parking spaces and bike racks near the toilet block become immediately apparent. These provisions ensure a smooth start to a day of barbecue and fun. The park further caters to the visitors' needs with ample bins located around the park and adjacent to the barbecues. Well-lit for those who prefer a twilight barbecue, Neil Hawkins Park is well-equipped for all times of the day.

Variety of Barbecue Units

The park boasts three barbecue units, each with its unique charm. The first unit is perched high on a hill, offering splendid views as one barbecues. The second is conveniently located next to the playground and toilets - an ideal spot for families. The third barbecue unit, with three hot plates, is perfect for a large gathering or even a Christmas feast. However, one might find the plates in need of a quick clean before use.

Relaxation and Recreation

Neil Hawkins Park provides a mix of shaded and unshaded sitting areas close to the barbecues, allowing visitors to find a spot that suits their preference. For those looking to stretch their legs or enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the park offers a vibrant ecosystem teeming with birdlife. However, visitors are reminded not to feed the wildlife to maintain the park's natural balance.

An exciting challenge awaits those ready for a bit of adventure - the Yaburu Bujara Heritage Trail. This trail is a favourite among cyclists and walkers, with benches and water fountains scattered along for rest and hydration. For a lighter recreational activity, a ping-pong table is also available for a quick game.

Experience, Adventure and Accessibility

The park, filled with interesting fact boards, provides an educational journey around the area. The entire area is wheelchair accessible, ensuring an inclusive environment for all visitors. However, adventurers must be cautious as snakes have been spotted in the area occasionally.

The Barbecue Experience

To fire up the barbecues, simply press the button until the light turns on. It will turn green when ready, signalling the start of the barbecuing process. The fun and camaraderie that comes with barbecuing are what makes Neil Hawkins Park a unique destination.

Overall Rating

Considering all factors, Neil Hawkins Park earns a commendable eight out of ten on the "snagger" rating. Its combination of amenities, natural beauty, and barbecue facilities make it a delightful destination for a family picnic, a day out with friends, or a relaxing day for tourists.

For any questions about public barbecues or the park, please don't hesitate to comment in the YouTube video. Neil Hawkins Park is always ready to welcome its next visitors, offering an unforgettable public barbecue experience.

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