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Victoria Park, WA

McCallum Park was on our BBQ agenda for this trip.

Public BBQ Experience at McCallum Park, Western Australia

Welcome to yet another exciting exploration of public barbecue spots. This time, we find ourselves at McCallum Park, a favourite destination for public BBQ enthusiasts in Perth. Named after Alexander McCallum, a prominent parliament member back in 1921, this spot offers much more than just a place to grill your steak.

Scenic Location: Swan River Foreshore

Nestled right on the Swan River's foreshore, McCallum Park offers breathtaking views and wide-open spaces, making it an idyllic location for family outings. It's not just a haven for BBQ enthusiasts; it's also a popular choice for various events and even a favourite spot for circuses to set up.

Excellent Amenities: A Park That Has it All

Upon arrival, you'll find ample parking space, a picturesque walk and bike path along the water's edge, and even free exercise equipment. Yes, you heard it right! This park might just inspire you to start your fitness journey. For those riding their bikes, rest assured, there are plenty of places to lock them up.

Right next to the free basketball court, you'll find an impressive skate park and two playgrounds for the little ones. A toilet block is conveniently located nearby, and there's no shortage of benches to rest on while soaking in the view.

Cleanliness: Bins Galore

One thing that sets McCallum Park apart is its cleanliness. The park is well-maintained, and there are plenty of bins around, so keeping the area clean is a breeze.

The BBQ Experience: Lush Green and Grills

Before we dive into the BBQ experience, let's appreciate the lushness of the park's grass. It's pretty inviting for a picnic setup, although one should be cautious about the roaming birds.

You'll find four hot plates situated under a gazebo with three undercover picnic tables around it. There are also two power points located nearby, and a large working space for food prep, making it an excellent spot for a big gathering.

The hot plates are user-friendly. Simply press the button down until it turns red, and you're good to go. Do note, we did encounter a slight hiccup with one of the hot plates not starting.

Night-time BBQ: Light Up Your Evening

If you find yourself at McCallum Park after dark, don't fret! There are plenty of lights around to illuminate your BBQ experience.

Rating and Final Thoughts

After a sumptuous steak and a successful attempt at vegetarian food for our friend Brad, we rate this public BBQ a solid 7 out of 10.

In conclusion, McCallum Park offers a great BBQ experience with its scenic location, excellent amenities, and clean environment. Remember to clean up after yourself, be kind to your fellow BBQ enthusiasts, and we'll see you at the next hot plate.

Till then, keep those hot plates sizzling and the fun rolling!

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