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Wilson, WA

We ventured to Kent St Weir to check out their facilities. Do they stack up? Check our review to find out!

Public Barbecue Review: Kent Street Weir Park

Kent Street Weir Park, a popular destination for outdoor activities, offers more than just a typical picnic spot. This park is a splendid amalgamation of nature, convenience, and entertainment, making it an ideal place for both locals and tourists alike.

The Park's Features

On arrival, visitors will appreciate the ample parking and convenient bike racks scattered throughout the park. Nearby, the Canning River Café offers a cosy stopover for refreshments, open seven days a week from 7 AM to 4 PM.

For those new to the park, a handy map in the centre provides a helpful overview of the surroundings. Essential amenities such as bins, benches, and an undercover picnic table are thoughtfully placed around the area, ensuring a comfortable experience for visitors.

The park also provides well-maintained restrooms, charging stations, and water fountains, catering to all the needs of its visitors. Those seeking a leisurely stroll can take their pick from an array of scenic tracks. Pet owners are reminded to keep their dogs on a leash, with dedicated dog exercise areas available for some off-leash fun.

For sports enthusiasts, a BMX park and a basketball court offer a chance to indulge in some recreational activities. The park also encourages family fun, with a children's playground and a miniature railway that opens every third Sunday of the month and Wednesdays during school holidays.

The Barbecue Area

The barbecue area is a key highlight of Kent Street Weir Park. The expansive stretch of grass, accompanied by a row of barbecues, provides an ideal setup for a perfect BBQ picnic. Each set of barbecues comes with conveniently located bins and undercover seating, making it an effortless experience for visitors. One of the tables is designed extra large, catering for those big family gatherings.

Operating the barbecues is a breeze – simply press the button until it lights green. It takes about five minutes to heat up, allowing you ample time to start prepping. A unique feature of these barbecues is the tap installed on the side, providing a quick and easy clean-up option.

The Verdict

After a thorough review, the barbecue experience at Kent Street Weir Park scores a 'snagger' rating of nine out of ten. Its vast array of features, combined with a serene natural setting, makes it a fantastic choice for a family day out or a gathering of friends.

So if you're planning a BBQ picnic anytime soon, Kent Street Weir Park is a destination worth considering. From its ample amenities to its impressive barbecue facilities, this park assures an enjoyable experience for all visitors, be they locals or tourists.

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