South Perth Foreshore | BBQ Review

South Perth, WA

Our video guide to the best picnic BBQ spots along the South Perth Foreshore.

South Perth Foreshore: The Ultimate Barbecue Destination

South Perth foreshore is a public barbecue lover's paradise. With breathtaking views and well-equipped amenities, it offers a seamless blend of outdoor fun and culinary exploration. Let's dig deeper into what makes this place a perfect barbecue spot.

Panoramic Views and Peaceful Environment

One of the first things you'll notice about the South Perth Foreshore is its panoramic views of the Perth skyline and the tranquil Swan River. The breathtaking scene serves as the perfect backdrop for your barbecue, offering a serene yet vibrant atmosphere that you can enjoy while waiting for your snags to grill. There's a sense of peace and calm that permeates the area, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing weekend barbecue.

Accessibility and Convenience

The foreshore is accessible by various modes of transportation. Those driving will find ample parking space, although most of it is ticketed. For those relying on public transportation, ferries and buses serve the area with stops along Mill Point Road. Cyclists can take advantage of the bike racks situated along the riverside path, with a short walk to the barbecue area.

A Bounty of Barbecues

The South Perth foreshore is home to an impressive array of public barbecues, complemented by shaded seating areas and expansive grass spaces for lounging. The lushness of the grass is notable, even in the summer months.

The area is well-served with facilities, including toilet blocks within a reasonable distance from any car park. For families and fitness enthusiasts, playgrounds and workout equipment are located near the barbecues, adding an element of fun and fitness to the barbecue adventure.

A Perfect Setting for Outdoor Activities

South Perth foreshore offers more than just barbecues. The riverside path is perfect for walking, running, or simply soaking in the picturesque views. However, visitors should stay alert due to the occasional presence of bull sharks in the area.

Pets are welcome, but they must be kept on a leash. The pathway is well-lit for those visiting at night, with benches and water fountains scattered throughout the area. For water sports enthusiasts, catamaran rentals are available.

Action on the Water - Catamaran Hiring and More!

For those interested in adding a touch of adventure to their barbecue outing, South Perth Foreshore offers a variety of water activities. Visitors can hire a catamaran and enjoy a unique experience on the Swan River, making the day at the foreshore even more memorable.

Adding to the charm of South Perth Foreshore is a small sandy beach area, perfect for children to have a splash in the calm water or build sandcastles. However, parents should be mindful of the occasional presence of jellyfish.

The Barbecue Experience

With a stunning backdrop and excellent facilities, South Perth foreshore shines as a top-notch public barbecue spot. We awarded it an impressive Snaggerating™ of nine out of ten!

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