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Albany, WA

How do the BBQ facilities stack up in Eyre Park? You'll have to check out this review!

Unveiling Eyre Park BBQ: A Green Gem in Albany

Imagine a place where stunning views and lush greenery serve as the backdrop for a delightful public barbecue. Welcome to Eyre Park in Albany, Western Australia. Designed masterfully by Henry Baxter in 1946, the park's layout is a testament to a perfect blend of nature and leisure, winning the competition organized by the Alberta Council.

A Park for All

Eyre Park is an open invitation to everyone. With an abundance of benches scattered throughout the park, restful moments soaking in the view or post-meal lounging are a given. Arriving by car or bike? Rest assured, there's ample parking and plenty of spots to secure bicycles.

It's not just a barbecue enthusiast's paradise; it's a playground for kids, too. A variety of playground activities and even a basketball court ensures the little ones have plenty to keep them occupied.

Outdoor Delights

Nestled within the park are shaded seating areas, perfect for family picnics or a peaceful moment under the sprawling trees. The grass? It's lush, making it ideal for a family game of footy. And don't forget about the furry family members! Dogs are welcome, albeit on a leash.

Essential Amenities

Eyre Park has convenience in mind. Restrooms are strategically located near the barbecue area, with water fountains on hand for that post-BBQ thirst.

The Main Event: Public Barbecues

The real star of Eyre Park is the public barbecues. Two are on offer: a single hot plate and a double hot plate. Both are user-friendly—just hold down a button, and you're ready to grill. Even if the park is busy, there's an unwritten Aussie tradition of striking up a friendly chat with your fellow BBQ aficionado and kindly asking for a turn.

BBQ Etiquette

Equipped with bins located near the barbecue area, cleaning up after your feast is a breeze at Eyre Park. Remember, being a good barbecue citizen means leaving the place as pristine as you found it.

Our Verdict

After a day filled with grilling, playground fun, and even a game of footy, Eyre Park left a lasting impression. We give this BBQ spot a snagger rating of 8.5 out of 10.

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