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Albury, NSW / Wodonga VIC

We checked out two states in a single review! Separated by the Murray River, which side has the better public BBQs? You'll have to watch!

Albury–Wodonga's BEST Barbecues Revealed!

In the grand tradition of Australian adventures, where the journey is as savored as the destination and the tales as rich as the landscapes, I, Jesse, embarked on a quest. Not for gold, nor for glory, but for something far more quintessentially Australian: the perfect public barbecue spot. This odyssey took me to the twin towns of Albury and Wodonga, where the mighty Murray River serves not just as a boundary between states but as a ribbon tying the stories of two communities together.

The Great Aussie Barbie: A Tale of Two Towns

Our tale begins, as all good stories should, with a bit of unexpected magic. Picture this: a sunny day, two towns, and a plan to review public barbecues in both Albury, New South Wales, and Wodonga, Victoria. But what's an adventure without a twist? Enter stage left, or rather, stage right from the future, a version of myself donning a hat, a harbinger of the unexpected encounter that lay ahead. Little did Hat Jesse know, he was about to brush shoulders with celebrity, a twist in our tale that promised to add a dash of Hollywood to our humble barbecue quest.

Albury's Noreuil Park

In Albury, Noreuil Park beckoned with its sprawling greenery and the promise of a riverside feast. The park, with its large oval, beckoning barbecues, and playgrounds, seemed designed with the family in mind. It was a place where the air buzzed with the potential for memories to be made, where the river whispered tales of days gone by, and where the barbecues stood ready to sear stories into the very meats they cooked.

Wodonga's Gateway Village

Meanwhile, across the border in Victoria, Wodonga offered its own charms at Gateway Village. Here, the barbecues were in prime condition, nestled in well-shaded spots that seemed to whisper, "Come, gather, feast." It was a setting that promised relaxation and recreation, with plenty of space for a kickabout, benches for contemplation, and scenic walks for those inclined to meander.

Discovering Belvoir Park

Not to be outdone by its neighbours, Belvoir Park in Wodonga presents itself as a haven for families and fitness enthusiasts alike. This park boasts a playground that seems to have leaped straight out of a child's imagination, complete with a giant tower, flying fox, and a rock climbing wall. For the adults, or indeed anyone looking to keep fit while enjoying the outdoors, there's an array of exercise equipment. The barbecues here are surrounded by wide open, shaded seating areas, making it an ideal spot for those long, leisurely lunches. And for a touch of community spirit, if you find yourself there on a Sunday, the community woodfire oven is lit, inviting you to bake your pizzas in the great outdoors. Belvoir Park encapsulates the spirit of community and shared joy, making it a must-visit for anyone wielding a spatula in search of the perfect public barbecue experience.

The Essence of Community

Our journey through Albury and Wodonga, with its parks, barbecues, and unexpected encounters, was more than just a quest for the perfect spot to grill a snag. It was a celebration of community, of the simple pleasures that bind us, and of the stories that emerge from the most mundane of activities, elevated to something extraordinary by the setting and the company.

So, to all the adventurers out there, I say this: the next time you're looking for a place to host your great Aussie barbie, consider the twin towns of Albury and Wodonga. Whether you're drawn by the allure of riverside grilling, playgrounds aplenty, or the chance to walk in the footsteps of local legends, you'll find your spot. And who knows? Perhaps, like me, you'll find a story worth telling.

As always, we'll see you at the next great barbecue adventure. And remember, if you have any barbecue questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to drop us a line. After all, every great story starts with a simple question, and every great barbecue starts with a spark.

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